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The Challenge

Work together with like-minded young professionals from around the world during a three day Leadership Challenge in Zeist, the centre of the Netherlands. Do you want to become the leader of the future, equipped with the skills and tools to radically change the world?

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About you

You’re a realistic rebel. You understand that in order to face the challenges of today’s world we need to collaborate in new ways. You’re excited to work together with like-minded professionals from all over the world towards a common goal. Ready to inspire and be inspired. You’re eager to take the lead in making our world future-proof. And you’re driven by challenges and new experiences. Are you up for this Challenge?

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The Reward

The winners crowned ‘Best Global Young Leaders in Sustainability 2016’ will be invited to demonstrate their best skills and talents to make a world changing project happen.

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Support Partners

Of course, Nudge can’t do this alone. To bring the best nominees from all around the world together to this Challenge, we are partnering up with leading organisations in various countries. These organisations, known as Support Partners, see the potential of investing in the future leaders in sustainability and, therefore, support their employees in taking part in this programme. They also have the chance to connect with one of the best 10 young professionals who nominated themselves for the Challenge. How? By paying the participation fee for this nominee and thus making this Challenge possible for one young professional who is not able to cover these costs.

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About the Challenge





A unique three-day experience to make a global difference

Who isn’t talking about sustainability? It has all the appearance of being the latest buzzword. But who ensures that sustainability really takes root for the coming generations and that it becomes a ‘way of life’ for organisations today?

Are you a Next Generation Leader who can bring this about? To provide you with the necessary tools, we have combined leadership and sustainability in a unique three-day development programme. We cordially invite ambitious professionals who are ready to rise to the Challenge to nominate themselves and team-up.

Are you up for the Challenge?

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“Nudge provides a unique platform to nurture the leadership styles and prepares the young generation to overcome different challenges in the field of sustainability.”

The Participants

Connect with the leaders of tomorrow

Nudge has started the vital search for 90 professionals (23 – 33 yrs) from all over the world. Young people with a global mindset wanting to contribute to a sustainable world, ready to show the  greatest resilience, adaptability and ability to connect.

What is and will be your contribution to a sustainable world? Tell us about the impact of the activities you undertake today. Share your innovative entrepreneurship and vision. How can you inspire other outstanding professionals to make a difference at the global level? Are you ready to show the greatest resilience, adaptability and ability to connect we are looking for?

80 participants from various companies and organisations around the world will take part in the Global Challenge. 10 young talents will be given the opportunity to get their participation fee sponsored via Nudge. Be one of them and

send in your nomination today.

Make sure you fill in the nomination form completely and persuade us to select you as one of the best 10 nominees worldwide.

Inspiring international speakers, challenging tasks and intensive guidance are the main ingredients of these three unique days.

Are you a Next Generation Leader?

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The Reward


Another life changing project


MasterPeace is an award-winning global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, currently existing in more than 40 countries around the world.

MasterPeace was launched in 2011, with the aim to mobilize people around the world to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness. Through music, sports, arts and dialogue, MasterPeace will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less (armed) conflict.

MasterPeace focuses on actively engaging people around the world in peace-building actions. The world has seven billion inhabitants. They view them as seven billion sources of talent and energy. To achieve all that, MasterPeace offers a platform for a large community of Nelsons; social entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers, journalists, media, musicians, businesses and active citizens to connect together and support with actions.

By 2013, MasterPeace was awarded by the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the ‘innovation in peace building’ award on behalf of the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA).


A trip to a world changing project

Three winners will be selected amongst the participants. They will be crowned ‘Best Global Young Leaders in Sustainability 2016’.

The winners of the first Nudge Leadership Challenge experienced the North Pole in February 2013. The 2013 winners embarked upon a mission to China in April 2014. The winners of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2014 travelled through Rwanda in June 2015 and the winners of the Global Challenge 2015 accompanied Tony’s Chocolonely to West Africa in May 2016 using their expertise to solve a relevant and challenging issue within the chocolate industry: how to create more slave free products?

The winners of this year will be crowned ‘Best Global Young Leaders in Sustainability 2016’ and work on another world changing project. Stay tuned…


Watch the video on the left to be awed by the reward trip of last years’ winners and know what to expect!

‘At Tony’s Chocolonely we are crazy about chocolate and serious about people. We make the tastiest and creamiest Belgian chocolate, working hard to leave out one ‘ingredient’: slavery. Yes, right: slavery. Did you know that 460.000 people work as victims of modern slavery on West African Cocoa farms – many of them children? Our mission is to make the entire cocoa industry 100% slave free. Not just our chocolate, but all the chocolate in the world. 

Committed to be as impactful as possible, we are proud to cooperate with Nudge in the Global Leadership Challenge. The 3 winners of the 2015 Challenge shall accompany us to West Africa using their expertise to solve a relevant and challenging issue within the organisation of one of the farmer groups we source our cocoa from.

You can read more about our chocolate without the bitter aftertaste at ’

This mission to Africa took place  in May 2016. Nudge and Tony’s Chocolonely organised this journey together with the winners. Read the report on the Nudge Sustainability Hub

“What I take away from this Challenge is that together we can change the world: Try whatever it takes, don’t give up and you will make it happen.”


Support Partners

Become a Support Partner

Do you want to be involved in the search for the leaders of the future? Are you looking forward to entering a network of leading organisations working towards a better world? Do you want to have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by sponsoring one of the best 10 nominees? Contact us today! We are looking for a support partner, an organisation that contributes to the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge by covering the costs of one participation fee.

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